Castle Cartel is not just a brand; it's a rebellion against mediocre workouts and half-hearted results. Born in the heat of Australia's most hardcore gyms, Castle Cartel delivers uncompromising performance with every product we stamp our name on.

From our powerhouse Non-Stim Toxic Vascularity to the groundbreaking Test Booster Toxic Masculinity, our supplements are engineered for those who demand the best, not just something that gets the job done.

At Castle Cartel, we believe in pushing the limits of what supplements can deliver. Our products are the ammunition you need to conquer your workouts, break new PB's , and redefine what you thought was possible. With a staunch commitment to quality, innovation, and results, Castle Cartel is more than just a supplement company - it's your partner in the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Join the Cartel, and experience the power of products designed to elevate your performance to legendary status. We’re here to Take Over—not participate. Follow @castlesupps on IG for daily updates on this brand.


Toxic Masculinity Turkesterone 40%


Toxic Vascularity Castle Cartel


Castle Cartel black sleeveless Tank


Stringer Castle cartel Axe skull